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Unidentified subject!

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From: grep@calvin.oriole.sbay.org (George Bonser)
Subject: Re: trouble with debian and networking
Date: 08 Dec 1996 02:39:21 GMT
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To: "Martin L.W. Hall" <martin@gvo.net>
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In article <32AA1C5F.346C@gvo.net>,
	"Martin L.W. Hall" <martin@gvo.net> writes:
>Hi Debian users,
>Hopefully you can help me.  I am new to Linux and Debian (though I know
>UNIX specificall SunOS quite well).  
>I have this system on a small network (gvo.net) connected to the
>Internet through a CISCO router.  Many of the systems are NT 4.0. based.
>the IP address for the linux box (cabernet) is
>the netmask is set to

If you have a class C net the netmask should be

>net address is set to   is that right?
>broadcast IP# is set to
Try for broadcast address (I think)

gateway (the cisco router) is set to
>the DNS is set to
>nameserver is
>the main server (gvo.net) is
>Any obvious places I should look or think about?
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