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trouble with debian and networking

Hi Debian users,

Hopefully you can help me.  I am new to Linux and Debian (though I know
UNIX specificall SunOS quite well).  

First, question is there a good guide for getting the networking (both
ethernet and internet) working on these beasts?  I have 3Com
FastEtherlink 3c595 (3c59x) card.  The system seems to see it.  But I
cannot seem to get on the network....a ping says that the network is

I am thinking that I have the network addresses set wrong.  I was hoping
someone can help me sort this out.

I have this system on a small network (gvo.net) connected to the
Internet through a CISCO router.  Many of the systems are NT 4.0. based.

the IP address for the linux box (cabernet) is
the netmask is set to
net address is set to   is that right?
broadcast IP# is set to
gateway (the cisco router) is set to
the DNS is set to
nameserver is
the main server (gvo.net) is

Any obvious places I should look or think about?


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