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Re: repartitioning hard drive

Thanks, David, I took the plunge and everything worked like a charm. I
thought I'd drop this on the larger debian-user list as well so others in
the same boat can benefit. Now I have some more playi... working (yeah,
that's what it is) room in my Debian section.

On "Fri, 06 Dec 1996 20:15:41 MST." David Puryear wove together: 
[> Hi David,
[> You wrote:
[> > 
[> > This is a variation on the theme of moving parts of the directory tree to
[> > another hard drive that was on this list a while ago.
[> > 
[> > I have a 800M hard drive that is currectly split roughly in half between a DOS
[> > partition (411M) and a Debian + swap set of petitions. The Debian partition is
[> > almost full and the DOS one is half empty (reflecting the amount of time I
[> > find myself spending in the respective OS's (and if I could learn (La)TeX I
[> > would use DOS even less) then it would be a matter of teaching my daughters).
[> > I boot using loadlin from DOS.
[> > 
[> > So what I want to do is take the DOS partition /dev/hda1 and split it in half,
[> > creating a new Linux partition (copying and mounting as /home).
[my own ramblings snipped]
[> > First, am I correctly understanding what will happen when I fdisk and create
[> > the new partition between 201 and 413?
[> I think new partition will become /dev/hda4(new linux partition)

That was indeed the case. The documentation really didn't touch on this
point, that I can find.)

[another rambling question of mine snipped]

[> You might want to use "fips" to make you dos partition smaller. I have
[> used it without problem. But please read ALL the docs. that come with
[> it. Also you might want to use "cfdisk" which is lot easier then
[> "fdisk". 

'fips' worked like a charm as well as cfdisk. It took a while to find
'fips', and I found it in the slackware mirror my isp keeps. I didn't
bother looking to see if debian had it in the tools section. if it isn't
there I would recommend putting it there. 

[> BTW. BACKUP! I know you'll hear this but it is true. Anything can go
[> wrong so backup.

Good advice. Everything worked fine so I didn't need it, but something
good to do.

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