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Re: utmp still confused with new base-files 1.2.0-3

From: Arrigo Triulzi <a.triulzi@ic.ac.uk>
>	X still confuses w: the entry for :0 appears with finger but
> not with w. Even after a reboot - could it have something to do with
> the contents of /etc/X11/Xresources:
> XTerm*utmpInhibit: false

Can you turn this feature off, restart xdm, log in again and tell us what
happens? I tremendously appreciate this, as I'm caught up in other release

> 	Incidentally, the xmodmaps are messed up for vi (delete key),
> and only for vi, very confusing... I guess my International X 3.2
> HOWTO needs some updating soon...

Thank you very much for writing that. Can you discuss with
Stephen Early <sde1000@debian.org> what we should be doing to configure
this at X installation time? For example, should we store some information
about the Linux keyboard mapping that the user has selected and use that
to choose an X keyboard mapping? Should we go into the keyboard
configuration part of xf86config in the "xext" postinst? Should the X
server postinst comment if you are using a non-US Linux keyboard and
you have not installed "xext"?


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