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Re: Mounting a file as a filesystem

   The loop device is pretty nifty.  I use it to maintain a root-disk
image used on a special-purpose diskless machine.  To make changes to
the root disk, i mount the image, update the FS, unmount it, compress
it, and copy the compressed file to a floppy.  Then i can bootstrap the
system from that new and improved compressed root disk.  This works
great, except for one annoying detail.

   After some amount of editing the root fs in the file, the mount count
exceeds the "routine fsck" threshold, and the next time i commit the
image to my root floppy and boot off it, the system complains when
mounting the file system:  "maximum mount count exceeded" or something
like that.

   So my question is this:  how do i fsck the filesystem in a file?

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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