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Re: How do I upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2?

Brian Reeves writes:
-> I'm a new user, with a new Debian install.  the 'ftp' access method doesn't
-> work yet, at least not on my system. (the base install went fine, first
-> time.  Cool system, that Debian!)  Is there a FAQ I could read about how to
-> get 'over the hump' - _from_ a base installation _to_ where the dpkg-ftp is
-> working and I'm able to download by modem?

I haven't tried this in eons (OK, about 5 months), and I don't have
the disk space or a convenient extra machine to try at the moment
(Offers of a donation of the cpu/memory/disk portion to perfect the
procedure will be welcome :), but I believe you will need the

1) The boot, root and base disk set
2) Any of the following which are not on the base disks:

If I recall, perl was not in the base system for 1.1, but perl-base
(which provides perl) is on the current base (tho I'm not sure it's
enough perl to run dpkg-ftp.). At any rate, get the preceding.
Install the base system, then the packages in (2). Set up ppp to dial
in to your provider (which should entail changing /etc/ppp.chatscript
and /etc/ppp.options_out). Then, fire up dselect, choose the ftp
method, point it at an appropriate Debian mirror, and start

Please, if you try this, let me know if you encounter any difficulty,
and I'll try to write this up as some sort of formal document. This
should be easier to figure out than it is currently.



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