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Re: How do I upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2?

At 04:34 PM 12/5/96 PST, Bruce wrote:
>The way I did it was to start dpkg-ftp, and tell it to use the "frozen"
>distribution. I set the ftp site, and told it to update the list of

I'm a new user, with a new Debian install.  the 'ftp' access method doesn't
work yet, at least not on my system. (the base install went fine, first
time.  Cool system, that Debian!)  Is there a FAQ I could read about how to
get 'over the hump' - _from_ a base installation _to_ where the dpkg-ftp is
working and I'm able to download by modem?

>and it did the job for me. If you are a modem user it could take days.

It would still probably be faster than:

shutdown and reboot
Start Windows
Login to internet
find a FTP site that's not busy
find the files I want, save them to my DOS hard drive
reboot, start Debian, start Dselect, load packages
find out the package I just downloaded depends on another I don't have yet
start over



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