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Re: Rex install report

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Chow Chi-Ming wrote:

> Dear Deianers,
> Just intalled rex (files downloaded via dpkg-ftp on the 4th and 5th
> Dec from ftp.debian.org).  The installation was very smooth and things
> are mostly working.  I have the following questions however.
> -  When I am offered to install additional drivers (modules), how
>    may I find out what options does a module take and its syntaxes?
>    This information would make the loading of modules A LOT easier.
>    In particular does anyone know how to specify base address and irq of
>    the 3c509
> -  I get the following at start-up
> 	 Configuring serial ports..../dev/cua0: No such device
> 	 Done.
> 	 /dev/cua0: No such device
> 	 /dev/cua1: No such device
> 	 /dev/cua2: No such device
> 	 /dev/cua3: No such device
>    The same with debian 1.1 on my other machine.  Despite the
>    warnings the ports seem to work.

You probably have serial support as a module. Unless you uncomment the
"auto" line in /etc/modules, kerneld is not loaded at the time the above
errors occur. Uncomment the auto line and things should initialize ok.



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