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Re: security


It may be wrong, but I think it was Bernd Eckenfels who wrote 1996 AD:
> > /* Mount Exploit for Linux, Jul 30 1996
> whats your version of the mount package? Should be fixed long ago... (if it
> isnt another bug in mount):

It was mount-package-2.5

> Wed Aug 21 13:10:46 1996  Guy Maor  <maor@ece.utexas.edu>
> (Debian 1.1.6)
> o Added mount 2.5l-1
>   Fixes major security hole.
> This is in buzz-fixed!

I now installed mount 2.5j from buzz

The hack _still works_ so it seemed to be an other problem. I didn't have the
chance to trie it on an other computer than mine :)
I just installed the mount packege with --force-depend , so I don't know if
the prob is maybe outside of mount

God bless
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