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Re: modules 2.0.0-14

In article <keslobixrz6.fsf@g5609o.unileoben.ac.at>,
Nils Naumann  <naumann@unileoben.ac.at> wrote:
>modules 2.0.0-14 has destroyed my System.  Every attempt to install a
>module has created a kernel Oops. I had to build a new kernel with all
>needed drivers linked in.  Downgrading to modules 2.0.0-13 solved this
>I'm running a Debian 1.1.x System with some parts of Debian frozen
>(i.e. the c and c++ libraries). 

Same here, with the same configuration.  Email me for details.
Why does it seem so many drastic changes are being made to stable?
For example, the PCMCIA package has been removed and apparently rolled
up into the kernel-sources package.  Why?

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