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Re: NFS installation

I got the first part right *lucky me :) *

> The systems mounting your nfs volumes do need to have the nfs module
> loaded though. I couldn't quite understand why that failed.

During the 'configure kernel' phase, loading nfs module never 
worked for me.  However, I am able to get the debian-systems
to share files (through nfs) afterwards.

Since I'm exporting the files to facilitate installation for
others in my department, I experimented on another clean machine
but failed to mount nfs... The client machine said it did not
support nfs...

> (Although, on debian-user I just noticed one message that modules-2.0.0-14
> seems to be not very good, but I guess you're using an older modles version)

Indeed I am.  From one of the replies, I got that there is some
flaws with the nfs module (said its well-known but I'm new here)
so I'll try again with pre 1.2 tomorrow.

Just me,
Wire ...

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