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NFS installation


I am using debian 1.1.  i am mirroring the whole debian site... 
hopefully, with that, I can export nfs to all of my U's 
workstation so they can install debian linux on the fly.

I was unable to get the installation kernel to recognise nfs.  
The option to load nfs support module is given in the filesystem 
support but I was never able to get it done there.

Is there any options I have to set?  I tried leaving it blank 
but results in lots of RPC_???_??? error messages.  Any kind 
souls have succeeded in it?

When I failed to install .deb packages through NFS... the system 
reports that the kernel does not support nfs.  I believe this is 
due to the earlier fault.

Overall, I have set up 3 debian system over the last week :)
and I must say that the resulting systems are really satisfying.

Just me,
Wire ...

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