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Re: system accounting

On Thu, 28 Nov 1996, Richard Morin wrote:

> Sorry if this is a re-post, but I don't think my orig. message got 
> through.
> I am interested in learning how ISP's log user time on the system.  Is 
> it simply a matter of cron scripts utilizing wtmp and ac?  Or is 
> there a nice package which does that and more?
	Well, here we use RADIUS and Livingston Portmasters.  It's a nice
setup hardware wise, but we're finding a little lacking on cheap
accounting software.  I've started to write my own system using the RADIUS
'detail' files and perl, it's pretty rough right now but it does the job.
If your interested in helping and or just getting what I have, gimme a
shout back.


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