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Re: Managing a network of Debian machines?

There's no solution at the moment :-( :-( :-(

I have the same problem. The situation is even worse when the machines
are slightly different, and have a few different packages :-(

I have a suggestion, that I've not yet tried but I'll do soon. dftp
can make a list of packages that need upgrading. You run it in one
machine and download the upgrades in a specific directory from an ftp
site, and install them. The other machines will have dftp started by
cron. Configure it to look in that upgrade directory, so the new
packages will be automatically installed. This method can work even
with different packages in different machines.

Problems: some packages need hand editing of some config files in
/etc. This could be handled by cfengine, which can be run by the same
cron job after dftp. Another problem is that I *think* dftp can only
do ftp. This is a nuisance when your upgrade center doesn't have
anonymous ftp. If this is really the case, I think we should ask the
author of dftp to include support to use a directory instead of ftp


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