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Re: Will Caldera's WABI run on a Debian system?

Rick Macdonald <rickm@vsl.com> writes:

> Does anybody know if Caldera's WABI will run on a Debian system?
> Caldera's web page kind of says "maybe".
> I'm tempted to pay the $200 just so I can run Quicken without
> booting up DOS/Windows.

Actually I use Executor for that.  It runs Macintosh Quicken 6 in an X
window with no problem.  I actually own both the Mac and Windows
versions of Quicken (don't ask), and I prefer the Mac version.

For those that don't know, Executor's a (commercial) Mac emulator that
runs many Mac apps at roughly the speed of a 68040 running at half the
clock speed of your pentium (YMMV).

Details at www.ardi.com.


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