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Re: Strange behavior of lpr+lpd

You wrote:
> Which version of gs dou you use?

Version 3.33 it is not a debian package, I installed it manually.

> >If I invoke the filter with /etc/filter.ps <filetoprint.ps
> >>/dev/lp1 the printer prints.
> Ok. So for so good.
> >If I do lpr filetoprint.ps nothing appear. If I do lpq it says
> >"lp is ready and is printing" but it is not true.
> This doesn't say anything. But you do see any pending jobs in the
> queue? A la: (david@eos) ~$lpq stylus is ready and printing Rank
> Owner Job Files Total Size active david 312 demo.c 180 bytes
There is the pending job. Lpc says queuing is enabled printing is
enabled 1 entry in spool area etc....

> PS: What was your success with magicfilter?

No success with magicfilter no with apsfilter

PPS: Have you read the
> Printing-HOWTO?


I begin to suspect there is a cable problem, with windows95 and
directly with postscript I can print, but when lpq says that lp is
ready and printing I notice that the data led on my printer lights,
and sometimes the printer loads a sheet of paper. I will try
another printer cable. But the question is, what "handshake" the
lpd do with the printer? I mean, what return value/signal lpd would
receive from the printer before send another data?

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