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Problem with filter

Is anyone aware of permission/ownership  problems with /usr/bin/filter?

I was trying to use the "filter" command that comes with the elm package
and I ran across a problem.

When instructing filter to save to a file or to do anything other than 
placing a copy in my mailbox, it does fine. When it tries to add to my
mailbox, however, it fails and put the stuff in $HOME/EMERGENCY_MBOX.

I tracked this down to the fact the the perms/ownerships on filter were:
-rwxr-xr-x root     root  

What needs to be changed is that filter needs to be owned by the mail 
*group* and then the setgid bit needs to be set, like so:

-rwxr-sr-x root     mail

This makes filter run just swell. 

Has this problem already been fixed?

- Joe

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