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Re: Mgetty

> Hi,
> I'm having some trouble getting mgetty to work in the inittab file, 
> if i do mgetty 38400 ttyS1 & it works fine but i have to manually 
> reset it everytime a user calls.  What line do i need to add to my 
> inittab for it to automatically do it for me as i keep getting it 
> wrong.

S1:23:respawn:/sbin/mgetty ttyS1

Notice the "respawn", which restarts the process when it dies. Getty's
are one-shot deals. They listen, and then they spawn a "login" and then
they die. 

Now, an entry like this (athough commented out) should have been placed in
your inittab when you installed the mgetty package.

- Joe

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