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Need a special boot disk?

Hi all,

I have an old 386DX40 with 8MB and a CyCDROM 520ie. I've looked at
the CDROM-Howto and it appears that I've to use the aztcd driver to
make the CD work. 
So, when installing Debian 1.1, I need a special kernel onto the boot
disk or it's enough to reply at boot "linux aztcd=0x170"?
If yes, which one?
I need to pass also infos about my sound card (an OPTi 82C929
based one, known as MAD16-SoundStorm) to make the CD driver work
properly (it's hooked to the SoundCard IDE port)?

Thanks in advance.
Alberto Brizio  e-mail: brizio@cstv.to.cnr.it

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