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Re: Invitation for testers of "frozen" distribution

Is the 2GB partition install problem solved yet?

> Our various FTP sites carry three distributions these days:
> 	stable:	Debian 1.1
> 	frozen: Debian 1.2 pre-release
> 	unstable: Debian 1.3 development
> It's time for those of you who would like to help test Debian 1.2 to
> install packages from "frozen". We haven't yet uploaded the boot
> floppies for a cold install of 1.2, so this is for people who are
> upgrading from 1.1 . If you can run the "ftp" method of "dselect"
> (install "dpkg-ftp" if you don't have the ftp method), set the
> distributions to "frozen non-free contrib" and it will perform your
> upgrade for you. Please file bug reports on any problems you find.
> Our WWW site http://www.debian.org/ has information on how to compose
> a bug report. If you have installed the "debmake" package, you can
> simply invoke "bug" from the command line and it will help you file
> your report.
> There are still known problems (see the bug list on our FTP site), so
> this is for people who won't perish if they install a buggy package that
> takes down their system. As always, make backups.

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