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Re: syslog daemon is dying

> As of last Thursday I have been encountering problems with the syslog
> daemon. I have posted to various newsgroups but have not received any answer
> so far.

> After booting the system, the syslog daemon seems to be dying. Whenever I
> reboot the system the messages will state 

> starting /sbin/syslogd
> starting /sbin/klogd

> and will assign a process id in the syslog.pid and klog.pid files but if you
> do a ps -aux, only /sbin/klogd shows up. 

> I'm stumped as to what is happening here. I have tried reinstalling the
> sysklogd package, but that doesn't have any affect. I would appreciate any
> help or suggestions.

I have much the same problem.  I'm running a stock Debian 1.1.13 system (with
the new procps and modules from 1.1.14, because the kernel-source package
is corrupted).  I *can* get both daemons running eventually but I have to

./etc/init.d/sysklogd restart; ps -ax | grep syslogd; ps -ax | grep klogd

(as root, of course) repeatedly until both of them come up.  They seem
to take turns dying off until finally they stay alive.  I cannot for
the life of me figure this out.  I have tried reinstalling the sysklogd
package.  Someone help, please!

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