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Re: Report: The Transname Patch

>  Has anyone heard of the Transname Patch for Linux?  I downloaded it
> and am testing it now, and it seems to work very well!  There is a
> version against kernel 2.0.25 on my WWW site that you can have.

Yes, I've been using transname with debian for a couple of months. I have
2 diskless computers that use transname to mount / from my server.

There are some problems getting it to work with debian, notably in the
/etc/init.d/boot file. I think that sysvinit's maintainer has incorporated
one change into it that makes nametrans easier to set up (don't delete
/etc/mtab, just erase the contents of it).

#!/usr/bin/perl -pl-                                   # ,,ep) ayf >|)nj,,
$_=reverse lc$_;s@"@''@g;y/[]{A-U}<>()a-y1-9,!.?`'/][} #         Joey Hess
{><)(eq)paj6y!fk7wuodbjsfn^mxhl5Eh29L86`i'%,/;s@k@>|@g # jeh22@cornell.edu
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