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Re: setenv missing

Hi Neil,

> Can someone kindly point me in the right direction
> to solve a niggling problem, 
> When I do a `su' command bash comes up with
> an error message,
> bash: setenv : command not found
> I have a man page for setenv which refers 
> to stdlib.h, this I have in,
> `/usr/include/bsd/stdlib.h' and `/usr/include/stdlib.h'
> but I cannot find setenv etc on my system, and
> when I am in in a child shell my path is unknown.
> The kernel is custom 2.0.6 and mostly modular.

There is no setenv binary. It is built into (t)csh and for
bash you have to use the builtin 'export'. The manpage is
about a library function of that name (which you cannot use
from your shell).

If your su command fails this is an error (in su?). So you
should check, what su is (use the 'type' command from bash,
'which' from (t)csh).

Hope I could help. Bye,
	   Bjoern-Bernhard Schad    bjoern.schad@gmd.de
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