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Re: Is .deb still better than .rpm?

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Mark Carroll wrote:

> > It is like emacs to the novice. (cryptic, non-standard interface, funny
> > keyboard accel keys, no menues...)
> Hmmm - I got on well with dselect from the beginning, without reading any
> documentation about it, and I find it a convenient, useful tool. <grin> Am
> I in a minority of one, I wonder? I'd be very interested to learn what
> people's specific gripes are.

 1) The damn keys. I have installed debian 4 times, and I still have to
    read the keystroke page very often.

 2) The oh-so-long 600 packages list.

But I really don't like the Redhat 3.0 installer. It's ugly. If we were to
make an X version of dselect, it should look pretty.

The installation procedure is *very* important, because a new Debian user
should instantly get the feeling he's done the Right Thing :-)

All The Best,

C:\NGRTLTNS.W95 !!!!

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