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Re: socket permission problems

> > rlogin to another host gives "rmcd: socket: permission denied"
> > Works fine for root.
> > 
> > On starting X, I get the grey background, but no windows;
> > I kill it, and it's been trying to connect to a socket
> > and getting connection refused, errno = 13.
> > Again, works fine for root.
> is /usr/bin/rlogin and /usr/bin/X11/X SUID root?

No, but should they be, and why would they suddenly change?
Especially since X is XFree 3.1.2G beta (which I installed
over the top of the binary from the 3.1.2 package).
Or could this be due to some sort of filesystem error,
like when I accidentally switched the machine off
without shutting down a few days back? :-) Ooops.


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