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Re: lpd not working after kernel upgrade to 2.0.24

Marc A. Gallagher wrote:
> After upgrading to kernel 2.0.24 from 2.0.0 I am having problems
> printing...
> I have an HP660C and am using Magicfilter...
> I had it working fine until the upgrade...
> I have the most recent copies of:
> libc (5.4.7)
> lpr (5.9-12)
> magicfilter (1.2-6)
> When I try to print it queues the job, but when I do an lpq
> it says:
> ----------------------
> waiting for lp to become ready (offline ?)
> Rank   Owner      Job  Files                                 Total Size
> 1st    marc       53   /etc/motd                             406 bytes
> ------------------------
> The printer is on and connected... (I can print from DOS)
> Is there any other packages I should load?
> Any pointers would be appreciated...

This may sound silly, but check that you are still printing to the
correct device. When I upgraded similarly, I had to change the device
from lp0 to lp1 - I never bothered to chase down why, and I did upgrade
the BIOS at the same time so maybe that was it.

For reference, here is my current magicfilter-installed printcap entry:

lp|stylus_color|Epson Stylus Color:\

Good luck!

Michael Laing

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