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Re: Mule?

kaz@hypercore.co.jp (Kazuhiro Sasayama) says:
> I'm looking for a package of Mule for Debian.  Does anyone have it?

The seems to be a bit of optimism on the mule mailing list that 
the Mule-Emacs merge could occur with 19.35.
Mule specifics aside, ...

thb@regioservice.de (Thomas Baetzler) replies:
) Check the ftp/web server of the Japan Linux Users Group, ftp.linux.or.jp.
) The Debain stuff (both source and binary) can be found at
) ftp://ftp.linux.or.jp/pub/debian/jp-devel/unstable/.
) I was told that the packages are still in beta, so if you decide to use
) them and notice anything strange, please contact Yoshiaki Yanagihara at
) yochi@linux.or.jp or yosiaki@debian.org with details.
) As of now, most of what I've seen so far comes with japanese Documentation.
) If anybody has more info (beyond the JE-HOWTO) on how to get a JE aware
) Debian system up and running, I'd be glad to hear about it. I've got
) KTerm and Kon set up and running, but I just can't figure out how to use
) the Canna package to input text :-/

I was really caught offguard by the above link and the dozens of
japanese-specific .deb packages there.

How is this being coordinated?  Is there a list? (jpn/eng?)
Is there effort at English documentation?
Is there any intention to put these into the distribution proper?

a bit dazed ...

(I see downloading in my future.)

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