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pppd problems

Help! (-:

I've installed versions of netbase and pppd from the unstable/ hierarchy
on ftp.debian.org. Originally, I also had diald, though I never used it or even
really looked at it. I got PPP working, even managing to finger myself from
machine, so I decided to finish off by using dselect to purge diald.

Since then, all the PPP stuff still appears in the boot sequence messages as
but now I get:

# pon
Sorry - this system lacks PPP kernel support       (from pppd, I think)
# lsmod
Module:        #pages:  Used by:
slip               2		0
bsd_comp           1		0
ppp                5	[bsd_comp]	0
slhc               2	[slip ppp]	0
sound             17		0
serial             7		1
lp                 2		0
isofs              5		0
nfs               12		4
vfat               3		0
cdrom              1		0
xd                 3		0

kerneld starts when it should, and I've no idea why purging diald should
have stopped
pppd from working. I've tried reinstalling netbase, netstd and ppp with no
change in
the problem, and I don't see how rebuilding my kernel could help when it used to
work and clearly still thinks it has PPP in it. Does anyone have any idea what
might have gone wrong?

Many thanks indeed,

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