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using "dselect" to install from both CD and FTP

How to use stuff from FTP and stuff from CD in the same "dselect" session:
This is useful if you want to download new packages from a directory
like non-free and have your CD satisfy dependencies of those packages.
Download whatever you want from non-free, and put it in a directory.
Use dpkg-scanpackages to make a Packages file for that directory.
Get into "dselect" and select the "mounted" method. Say "none" to the
first question. Answer the following queries, giving the paths to the
directories you want to use on your CD, and the non-free directory you
have created on your hard disk.

This will break if you download packages that depend on more recent
versions of other packages than the ones on your CD.
I haven't tested this.


Bruce Perens K6BP   Bruce@Pixar.com

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