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non-free on CDs

From: Paul Seelig <pseelig@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de>
> How about putting in as well that those CD-ROM manufacturers are at last
> allowed to include the non-free directory too?

The note I gave them last time on the non-free directory was that they
can include parts of it, but they must read all of the licenses of the
programs in non-free to see which ones they can include. There are
definitely some programs in there that can not be sold.

> It was really a *BIG* disappointment upon reception of the latest
> InfoMagic "Linux Developers Resource" when i had to see that the
> software from it was included in the CD set as *.rpm's, *.tgz's and
> source but not as Debian's *.deb packages!

Joel Goldberger at InfoMagic is quite friendly to Debian. Why don't you
ask him (_nicely_, please) to do it differently next time. E-mail him
at <joel@infomagic.com> .

> Why is I-Connect obviously allowed to include non-free on their disk and
> not e.g. InfoMagic who are selling more or less an image of the primary
> Debian FTP server as well? 

It's not an "allow" thing. This is a decision made individually by each
CD manufacturer. Some of them spend more time reading copyrights and
deciding what to include, some of them decide to include stuff that
maybe they shouldn't, etc.



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