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Re: Travan Tape Drive Problems

On 5 Nov 1996, Guy Maor wrote:

> "Walter L. Preuninger II" <walterp@rapidramp.com> writes:
> > Ok, i need to back up that 9GB disk drive. My system has an Eagle(Exabyte)
> > tape drive. The cartridge has TR3 on it. 95 seems to save files to a tape.
> > I can retension the tape by mt -f/dev/ftape retenstion, but when I try to
> > erase or save something to the tape, I get:
> > 	mt: /dev/ftape: I/O error
> Not all devices support all commands, erase for example.  Doing an
> erase is unnecessary before writing, btw.  And when the device doesn't
> support a command, you get an I/O error.
> Presumably you're using tar, afio, or cpio to actually write to the
> tape?  Does that also give an error?

Yes, I used tar -cvpzf/dev/ftape. /dev/ftape is a symlink to /dev/rft0.
I will install taper and try it.

The tapedrive is identified in win95 as a QIC3020.

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