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Re: Keyboard mess

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, Brian C. White wrote:

> Netscape runs _fine_ if you use the Debian installer package!  Actually,
> all you really need to do is point it to the existing XKeySymDB file.

  People have kept saying this and everyone assumes that the person asking
knows how to point Netscape to XKeySymDB.  First of all, I tried using
dselect to install Netscape.  Unfortunately, it insists on having version
3.0-beta4-1 and the only version I could get off of netscape was
3.01-beta1.  Dselect fails on the install.  The installation process
explicitly states not to just re-name another package.  So, I installed
Netscape by hand.   Now, having done this, I do not have any of the
app-config stuff or anything else for Netscape that the *.deb binary would
have taken care of.  So, how do I manually set up Netscape to point at
XKeySymDB ?  ( I know where/what XKeySymDB is, I just don't know how to
tell netscape to use it. )

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