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Re: Running Debian

jghasler@win.bright.net (John Hasler) said:

> I agree that dselect needs work, bu please don't make it into a huge
> graphical thing that won't run on a terminal and depends on a lot of
> other stuff.  Keep it simple.

having recently used `make xconfig' to make a new kernel, i think
a simple, easy-to-use package management GUI would be wonderful.

i agree -- there should still be a 24x80-mode interface, hopefully
simpler than dselect is now.  this could be used for new installs and
fairly average operations.

then, once x11/tcl/tk is installed (yeah, i'm presuming that people
would eventually install these anyway), a well-designed GUI interface
could provide all the functionality of dselect without trying to fit
it into an ASCII-terminal paradigm.

dpkg could still be used for more complex installs where one needs
more control/expectability than dselect provides, yet doesn't require
anything in the way of graphic interfaces.


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