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Re: Red Hat Package Manager debianized

The debmake package has now added functionality to install Red Hat and
Slackware packages using dpkg and thus entering information about those
packages into the debian packaging system.

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

moffatt >> Redhat. So I sought for a way to install RedHat packages under Debian and
moffatt >> debianized the Red Hat Package manager rpm. I was able to install gated
moffatt >
moffatt >> Installing this package means that you have two competing package managers
moffatt >> that know nothing about each other on your system!
moffatt >
moffatt >Since Redhat now has dependencies, perhaps it would be nice if dpkg
moffatt >or some other Debian-specific program were to be able to install
moffatt >RPMs but maintain Debian packaging information etc. Although this
moffatt >would discourage people from writing Debian-specific packages perhaps.
moffatt >
moffatt >
moffatt >hamish
moffatt >

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