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Re: Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

Nick Busigin writes:
> On 26 Oct 1996, John Henders wrote:
> > Maybe Debian should take the bold step of not creating /dev/cua* and
> > making sure all Debian packages work correctly with /dev/ttyS*. This
> > would mean making mgetty the only serial line getty, but much as I used
> > to like uugetty, the fact that it has had no active maintainer for the
> > last two years and that someone seems to decide to change how the linux
> > console works every 6 months, makes uugetty's uugetty and normal console
> > getty both pretty useless no anyway.
> Does mgetty support the ring-back feature that uugetty has?  That one is
> quite important to me as I have an answering machine and a modem on the
> same line.  

The .99 beta I'm using does. It also supports PAP authentication for ppp
and other cool features.

John Henders  - System Administrator - Mindlink!/Wimsey

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