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Re: Annoying package dependence concept

Hi Johannes 

You wrote:
> Debian's realization of package dependencies is, in my opinion,
> too tight.
> Two (out of many possible) examples may illustrate my point:
>    - A user doesn't want to install Debian's ghostscript since
>      he is a ghostscript beta tester and has a newer version
>      than Debian provides.
>      However, since he wants to use previewers like gv, ghostview
>      and xdvi (which depend on ghostscript) he MUST install the
>      Debian ghostscript.

Xdvi dose not "depend" on ghostscript but "recommend" it.

>    - A user wants to install ghostscript.
>      Due to a dependence on "libpaper" which "doesn't seem to
>      be available" this fails. Since previewers like ghostview
>      and xdvi (why actually does xdvi depend on ghostscript ?)
>      depend on this package the user is left with a system
>      on which he cannot view .ps and .dvi files.

Here is where libpaper is:


> The basic problem is that deselect doesn't allow to override
> any dependencies specified by package maintainers. This, however,
> is necessary since package dependencies
>    - may point to non-existing packages.

In my experience, this has not been the problem. Most of time I just
don't know "Where" that package is.

>    - may not be reasonable (xdvi depends on ghostscript ?).
>    - may already be satisfied by local software deselect doesn't
>      know about.

This might be, but most people use all debian system. In which case it
works very well.

> It would already help a lot if deselect allowed the administrator
> to install a package as a "ghost" in the sense that:
>    - the package counts as being installed as far as deselect
>      is concerned.
>    - deselect does not attempt to unpack/install the package.

Hmmm...interesting idea. But what happens when a new user uses  this
feature and find errors when using a program. She/He would look at
dselect and think it is install when the package wasn't. Still it might


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