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ethernet card

Hello to all!

I'm intending to put in two ethernet cards in two computers, so that I can nfs
mount /home and /usr in one (where disk space is limited) from the other 
(where there's plenty of disk space).

I don't have a great deal to choose from from my hardware supplier:
Either an NE2000 compatible, Genius GE2000; or a 3Com card. I can get either
one with ISA or PCI bus.

What I wonder is, is there any reason to buy a PCI card (speedwise) if I
go for the NE2000 compatible one? Do any of you know if there are problems
with the Genuis card? Or do you think that the double price of the 3Com cards
is justified, and what kind of 3Com card should I have if I decide for one 
of those? My supplier don't know what kind of 3Com cards he have! He says he
buys them from another store.

I hope I didn't upset anyone with my non-debian specific questions,


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