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Re: support for USRobitics modems under mgetty

> What USRobotics modems need special support? We have been running Debian
> mgetty on two Linux boxes with both USR Courier and Sportster models
> for a very long time without any problems. 

The USRobotics flag in mgetty/policy.h activates a patch I wrote to get a 
Courier V.32+Fax (UK version) Modem to work.

It sorts out a couple of problems:  A bug in the implementation of FCC that 
causes the modem to use 14k4 as the minimum fax speed; and a different 
approach to the fax speed switch foolishness that some modems indulge in.

So if your USR fails to work with fax machines that doesn't support 14k4, or 
if you can only get faxing to work by running the modem at 19k2 at all times, 
then you probably have one of the modems in question.

As mentioned in the code, some (or maybe all) later models don't need it.

Cheers, Phil.

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