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Re: debian/linux Colour Management Module

Bruce Perens says:
>Note also that the color gamut of each device (printer, CRT,
>photographic paper print, motion picture print, reversal color slide,
>PAL TV, NTSC TV, SECAM TV) does not overlap the others. One of our main
>concerns is NTSC TV, which can not represent many values that are valid
>in RGB space.
Allthough I'm more concerned with hardcopies, I'm aware of this problem too;
and it there is support provided in the ICC profiles: just take at least two, one
compression oriented, the other `window' oriented, i.e., only a subrange of
colours is used.

>It would be nice if you can take the lead on color management.
>As Debian project leader I am already too far overworked to take on
>any more.
If you'd be so kind to explain what this means, I'll answer. But it seems probable
that I'll agree, as I pretend to do it anyway.

Ciccio C. Simon

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