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Re: debian/linux Colour Management Module

> High quality output of colour graphics have some trouble for most
> frequently two reasons: (a) Most programs are RGB oriented
> (b) Neither RGB nor CMYK are device independent, and neither show a
> linear property.

Note also that the color gamut of each device (printer, CRT,
photographic paper print, motion picture print, reversal color slide,
PAL TV, NTSC TV, SECAM TV) does not overlap the others. One of our main
concerns is NTSC TV, which can not represent many values that are valid
in RGB space.

> I'd be happy to be able to share work on this, with the aim to provide a
> new debian package. Help with the creation of Profiles will be needed in
> any case, as this is really `no limits'. Anyway, as this is thought to be
> matter of some well doted giants, the project is perfectly aligned with
> Linux, Ghostscript and the like.

It would be nice if you can take the lead on color management.
As Debian project leader I am already too far overworked to take on
any more.


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