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Re: syslogd won't start

> Some versions of sysklogd die at bootup when your net is not running
> (as in under ppp).  Adding entries in /etc/hosts may solve your
> problem.  See a recent thread in the comp.os.linux groups...

Thanks, that did it! 

For the record, here's the solution to this problem:

Ed Merrifield (aca@cais.cais.com) wrote:

> This way I solved this is to put my hostname on the same line as the
> hostname@domainname in the etc/hosts file.  This solved the problem.  I
> noticed the same thing you did with ppp.  My guess is that when the
> network isn't up, syslogd checks $HOSTNAME or /etc/HOSTNAME and then looks
> for that in /etc/hosts.

Sure enough, I didn't have my hostname in /etc/hosts, I only had my FQDN
in there. I haven't rebooted to test it yet, but it fits perfectly with my
memory of changes on the system..

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