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SMP and /dev/cua_ and nfs module


yesterday I joined the SMP-community running 2.0.21 on a TYAN Tomcat II
(yes, the working cache modules installed!) with two 133MHz Pentiums,
some SCSI devices, and no network, yet.

My Linux distribution is the lastest Debian 1.1.9.

After compiling 2.0.21 I booted the new kernel with the following results:
- Both CPUs were installed correctly
- The kernel booted as usual (SCSI detection, ...)
- BUT then I got a complete HANG after the message:
  "Configuring serial ports ..."
  (This is the moment where all the /dev/cua.'s are setup. Without SMP
   there are no problems at all.)

Therefore I removed the corresponding 0setserial script from /etc/rc.boot
(?, sorry, I'm not sure if this is the correct directory name ?). Then
I rebooted and everything worked fine. SMP is up and running smoothly!

Questions: - Is this a known conflict between SMP and 0setserial ?
           - What do I need this script for ?

2nd problem:
- compiling SMP _and_ nfs as a module leads to :
  "*** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.0.21/fs/nfs.o"
  (Without SMP are all symbols resolved.)

Question: - Is this a known behaviour ?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. To the SMP cracks: 2.0.14 and 0setserial yielded a hang, as well ...
                        SMP profiling set _and_ unset, as well ...
                        SMP kernel with modules _and_ without, as well ...

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