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Unidentified subject!

>     I'm working on a machine that has a 1.2 gb hdd in it (scsi)
>     1 gig is ms-dog
>     200 mb is debian.
>     because I have transferred my debian system to a dedicated machine, I 
>     would like to reclaim that 200 meg and "append" it to the 1 gb dos 
>     partition without reformatting the 1 gb partition and the data that's 
>     on it.
        the one way that I know off is with a package called Partition
Magic. Costs about $50 - but worth every penny if you have DOS partitions to
deal with on a large disk. Enables you to delete, create, move, and resize
partitions non-destructively!

Unfortunately, although it recognizes Linux partitions you can't do anything
other than delete them. For your situation though its fine. Just delete the
Linux partition and resize the DOS partition, although personally with a
disk that size I would split it into multiple partitions to cut down on
cluster size.

Hope this helps

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