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Re: Swap partition and fdisk

A R Abid:
> I have got 16MB of RAM on my machine. Could someone tell me if it would
> still be necessary for me to create a Linux swap partition. 

The terse form of the formula is:

	swap needed = total memory need - physical memory size
(Forget everything about "twice physical size". That is an evil
prank that people play on the uneducated rich who have bouth
512 MB of RAM.)

First you need to estimate your total memory need. This depends
very heavily on what you do and what programs you run at the
same time. I need about 30-40 MB to run a mailer, Mosaic,
xpat2, up to a dozen or so xterms and editors, a HTTP server,
a news server, a mail server, compilers, makes, the X server,
window manager, a clock, xload, desktop pager, window list,
and a few other niceties.

For a somewhat more detailed explanation, read the memory
management chapter in the System Administrators' Guide. The
current version is 0.3, but 0.4 is imminent (I need to see
how it looks on paper, but if there aren't any big problems 
with the that, I will release it in a couple of days).

> Also, would
> Linux fdisk wipe out my DOS partition even if I only want to create one
> Linux partition w/ Linux fdisk and not mess up w/ DOS partition using
> Linux fdisk. Thanks.

If you have unpartitioned disk space at the end of the disk, there
should be no problem. If not, you need to backup and reinstall everything.

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