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Re: make-kpgk modules troubles

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Thomas Baetzler wrote:

> Until recently, I just rolled my own kernel as I was used to do
> with Slackware. But since I found out about make-kpkg, I decided
> to do things the Debian way and use that instead. After much hassle
> wit the broken tar (solved by downgrading), there's still a problem:
> Whenever I try to make a modules package for my system, I end up
> with a message like "Modules not configured, so not making modules".

Sorry, I can't help you with your problem, but this does raise a question
in my mind: what exactly is the benefit of using the kernel-package vs.
rolling your own kernel? When I build my kernel, I have to build it 3
times, for a 586, 468, and a pentium. The 586 and 486 are diskless
clients, and all of them need different things in the kernel that
can't be provided as modules (math emulation for the 586, built in
nfs-root for the diskless machines, etc). So I've written scripts
to automate building and distributing the kernel to the 3 computers. 

How would using kernel-package help me? I just don't see much of a point
to it for someone who's already comfortable with building the kernel,
unless you need to make a single kernel package to be used on a bunch of

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