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make-kpgk modules troubles


maybe somebody could clue me in how to get this to work:

Until recently, I just rolled my own kernel as I was used to do
with Slackware. But since I found out about make-kpkg, I decided
to do things the Debian way and use that instead. After much hassle
wit the broken tar (solved by downgrading), there's still a problem:
Whenever I try to make a modules package for my system, I end up
with a message like "Modules not configured, so not making modules".

However, grep _MODULES .config tells me "CONFIG_MODULES=y", so yes,
I have them enabled.

I'm not a Makefile guru, so I just don't understand the check
in /usr/lib/kernel-package/debian/kernel.rules:

# define MODULES_ENABLED if appropriate
ifneq ($(strip $(shell egrep ^[^\#]*CONFIG_MODULES $(CONFIG_FILE))),)

I've tried to patch it up by adding another MODULES_ENABLED after
the endif, but that doesn't work, either. It just might be that I
missed the real rules file anyways - I just patched the three I 

Any help would be sincerely appreciated,
Thomas Baetzler, thb@regioservice.de, thb@spectre.ka.sub.org
   <A HREF="http://home.pages.de/~thb/";>thb's Homepage</A>

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