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Installation problem with AIC7770 SCSI Controller

	I am trying to install Debian Linux with the 2.0.0 kernel. I am getting
the following error.

aic7xxx: Resetting the SCSI bus...done
NCR53c4060: no available ports found
aic7xxx: (aic7xxx-isr) Encountered spurious interrupt.
aic7xxx: (aic7xxx-isr) BRKADRINT error(0x1):
	Illegal Host Access
Kernel panic: aic7xxx: (aic7xxx-isr) BRKADRINT, error(0x1) seqaddr(0x0)

I am running on a HP Netserver 5/66 LF.

CPU: Pentium 66mhz
Memory: 32meg
SCSI is an integrated AIC-7770

I have used the "aic7xxx=extended,noreset" parameter at the boot: prompt
with both "extended" and "noreset", only "extended", only "noreset" and
with out the parameters and I always get the same error.

As far as I can tell from the documentation this should be a supported

Any help would be appreciated. If you respond would you please CC my
address on the note I am not sure if my subscription to the list took.


Scott Haskin
Company : Boeing/ISC
Phone : (713) 282-1714
Fax : (713) 280-2262
Address : 16511 Space Center Blvd
   Mail Stop - G501
              Houston, Texas 77598
E-Mail : Scott.Haskin@JSC.NASA.GOV

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