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Re: Netscape3.0 'ERASER' ?

>>> On Mon, 09 Sep 1996 01:30:37 +0200 (MET DST), Stoyan Kenderov <kenderov@xlink.net> said:

Stoyan> I started updating my old netscape3.0b5 today with the 3.0
Stoyan> linux-elf binary released recently on their FTP server.

Stoyan> Relaying on my experience with earlier versions I proceeded
Stoyan> with the update assuming that netscape WILL INCORPORATE MY OLD
Stoyan> BOOKMARKS into the new configuration.

Stoyan> In vain! It deleted the bookmarks.html file completely...

Stoyan> O.K. I made yesterday the obligatory full system backup, so I
Stoyan> didn't scream vor vengence, but it was embarassing, isn't it?

Stoyan> Could it be the Debian netscape installation package
Stoyan> netscape_3.0.deb that wiped out something? (I don't thing so)
Stoyan> ?


Installation of 3.0 by hand did nothing crazy to my bookmarks file.


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