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Netscape3.0 'ERASER' ?

I started updating my old netscape3.0b5 today with the 3.0 linux-elf binary
released recently on their FTP server.

Relaying on my experience with earlier versions I proceeded with the
update assuming that netscape WILL INCORPORATE MY OLD BOOKMARKS into the new

In vain! It deleted the bookmarks.html file completely...

O.K. I made yesterday the obligatory full system backup, so I didn't scream
vor vengence, but it was embarassing, isn't it?

Could it be the Debian netscape installation package netscape_3.0.deb that
wiped out something? (I don't thing so) ?

Any way! You users/developers out there in DEBIAN Land and beyound might
consider it paying more attention to this toy when upgradeing.


PS: Lets find the backup tape now...


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