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Re: Emumod & Dosemu 0.63.66

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Miro Torrielli wrote:

> While on the kernel subject, I'm having problems insmoding the
> emumod module of dosemu. After a successful compile, emumod
> won't load, saying:
> xxxx undefined
> .... (repeated fifteen or so times)
> Loading failed! The module symbols (from linux-2.0.17) don't match your
> linux-2.0.17

I've used the following while in /usr/src/dosemu to load syscallmgr.o and
emumodule.o from dosemu version on a 2.0.14 debian system;

./bin/insmod -Z /System.map ./modules/syscallmgr.o

./bin/insmod -l -Z /System.map ./modules/emumodule.o

The thing that's special for debian is the "-Z /System.map". Debian puts
it's System.map file in / instead of /usr/src/linux where dosemu's custom
insmod looks for it.

Another debian specific thing I encountered while trying to compile dosemu
where problems with kernel headers. Debian keeps it's own set of kernel
headers seperate from the kernel. This can confuse dosemu if the headers are
from a different version of the kernel than the one you are actually
running. That's because dosmeu looks in the kernel headers for the version.h
file to try to figure out what version of kernel you are compiling it
against. I once hacked up the configure files for dosemu to add a
-I/usr/src/linux/include/ to the CFLAGS but the last time I didn't bother
and just added the link in /usr/include before I started and fixed
/usr/include back up when I was done.

I hape this has helped. Note that this is the first time I've _ever_ gotten
dosemu's emumodule to load on either my former slackware distribution or my
existing debian system. Now that I've gotten it loaded I haven't seen any
real advantage. Anyone know how to make the emulated vga graphics work under

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